Super 6 Round 50 21-05-17

Play Soccer Saturday’s Super 6 Round 50



Soccer Saturday Super 6 : The Football Prediction Game

To play this game it couldn’t be easier, all you need is a Super 6 account, you can sign up for one here. With your account details you can login and play the game. You can also play Sky Sports Fantasy football with your Super 6 Account details.

To win the game what you need to do is predict 6 correct scores from these weeks games, sounds easy but it is more difficult than you think, £250,000 is a lot of money so its not going to be easy to win. To win the £250,000 you must get all six scores correct, if no-one wins the jackpot the person with the most points will win £5,000.

The super 6 scoring works as follows:

If you get the result of the game correct you get 2 points, for eg: if you pick Arsenal to win 3-1 and they win 1-0 you get 2 points, but if you get the score correct ie; they win 3-1 you get 5 points.

To make sure we have only one winner there is a tie breaker selection to do, its called the Golden Goal. You must select what time the first goal is scored in selected games.

Its that easy, get all 6 correct you win the £250,000, get the highest points you get £5,000 and this is completely free to play, all you need is a Super 6 Account.